Living With a Spinone

Ultimo with his frisbee
Ultimo with his frisbee

If you are considering a Spinone, you should know they make good family dogs that enjoy the company of their people. Bred to be versatile hunting dogs, they may point a bird in your yard, fetch a stick from the river and stalk your other pets. With their birdy noses, they may counter-surf for cookies too, not concerned that counters aren’t for Spinone.

Fausti begging nicely

Spinone also like to use their hands to get your attention. Our Spinoni put their paws on us to remind us they are there, they want petted or even to ask for a piece of whatever snack we may be eating. Vociferous dogs that they are, they make a variety of noises from a Chewbacca-ish “bring my dinner faster” to a “roo-roo-roo” that usually means they are eager to do whatever it is we might be going to do. Spinone like to be involved in all aspects of the household and get out as much as possible.

Emma and Fausti enjoying the view of Wallowa Lake on our way to her hunt test.
Enjoying Wallowa Lake on our way to a hunt test.

If you think you would like to live with a Della Saggezza Spinone, please contact us and complete this puppy application.

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